How to Keep Your Vandaceous Happy

 As you know, humidity is one of the most important factors in growing orchids, especially for those in the Vandaceous Family (Vanda, AScocenda, Rhynchostylis etc.). Home-made humidity tray  is a simple functional way to keep your plant happy.

Materials Required:
1.  Any tray (plastic or metal), at least 2 inches deep.
2. Two clay pots per plant (must be clay pot, can not substitute), one large (at least 7 inches in
     diameter) and one small (3-4 inches in diameter).

1. Fill tray with water, about 1 inch high.
2. Place large clay pot in the tray (see Fig.1).
3. Place small clay pot upside down inside of large clay pot (see Fig.2).
4. Put your orchid on top of small clay pot (see Fig.3) and place them in a bright window (East or
    South or West window), away from direct sunlight. Keep an eye on water level, add if needed.
5. Fertilize (20:20:20 weakly weekly) and water them regularly (at least every otherday for
    Vandaceous that grow in the pots without potting media or with few pieces of large fir bark or
6. Adjust the light or fertilizer as needed, some Vandaceous need longer hours of light (more than 12
    hrs/day) so artificial lights (grow light) may be needed to supplement day light for  an
    additional 4-5 hours in the evening, especially in Winter. Bloom booster fertilizer (10:50:10) may
    also be required.

You can use this technic for Miltonia, Paph., and Phrag. also

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