Growing Tips

Orchids can save your life.
Believe it or not this is true.

“How come the flowers of my orchid turned yellow and fell off or the flowers lasted only few days instead of weeks or months” is one of the questions that some customers asked the growers quite often. Most of the answers was “because the temperature and/or humidity changed drastically” which is true in some situations.

However, another reason that you rarely received is “because of air pollutions such as with gases”. This is really true especially in winter when all the windows are closed and the heater is on. If you have the problem with your flowers please have somebody check for leakage of the natural gas that you use for your heater or your dryer.  Orchid flowers are very sensitive to natural gas, especially Cattleya and Dendrobium, even very small amount can have a devastating effect on the flowers. So check it before it becomes major problem.

Can you see the orchid can save your life, your house etc?

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